Eva Ries zurück

Eva Ries Originally from Mannheim, Germany and trained as a professional photographer,  Eva got her start in the music industry as a radio promotion intern at RCA/ BMG and in the sales department of Polygram distribution in Los Angeles, CA. In 1993, Eva left the safe haven of Hamburg for a job at RCA / BMG in New York City, the entertainment capital of the world. As international marketing manager, Eva worked with a wide range of artists from country to rock to hip hop.

Ironically, Wu Tang Clan happened to be the first hip hop group she met in NYC where she was in charge of international marketing for their legendary album “Enter the 36 Chambers”, now widely considered a classic in contemporary music. She recalls meeting the guys who had a “bad reputation due to criminal records, altercations with journalists and other bizarre behavior” with initial trepidation but was soon charmed by their down to earth demeanor, their bluntness and honesty. With zero experience or knowledge in Hip Hop, Eva was happy that the Clan took her under their wings . “GZA was the first of the guys to take pity on me and showed me how to be street smart in NY : ‘Do not stare at the tall buildings you look like a tourist. Also never tip a taxi driver; New Yorker’s don’t do that’ In NYC, Eva was appointed Head of International Marketing at iconic rap label Loud Records where she continued working with Wu Tang , Mobb Deep and other hip hop artists. She established the international department from scratch and developed Loud’s business within the global BMG and Sony structure. Back in Germany for a year, Eva managed business unit Modul within the strategic marketing company BMG Ariola Media, signed new artists, and negotiated lucrative corporate partnerships.

Eva later worked as VP International Marketing, Urban Music  at Sony Music in NYC where she created and managed global marketing campaigns for all frontline Hip Hop artists, including Nas.

As president of music consulting company Eva Ries Inc., she worked closely with Hip Hop mogul and Def Jam founder Russell Simmons spearheading his international PR campaigns. Eva rejoined with Wu Tang Clan booking all their European tours between 2008 and 2015 and various international tours for GZA, RZA, Raekwon and Meth/ Red. “Despite some previous ups and downs and our disagreements here and there, the Wu members have always been loyal to me which is rare in this industry and in today’s world. Loyalty is never a one way street – it goes both ways” she says.

Throughout the years, Eva maintained a strong relationship and friendship with The RZA, co-founder, producer, de-facto leader of Wu Tang Clan who would later expand his music career into the movie business and become a successful actor / director in Hollywood. Eva is thrilled with her new position as managing director at RZA Productions Europe GmbH where she manages a small and cutting edge entertainment company founded by The RZA based in Mannheim, Germany.